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Single Sign On

Organisations can implement Culture Shift’s Reporting tool using their existing single sign on provider.

The Culture Shift platform supports the SAML 2.0 protocol for Single Sign On. In order to set up Single Sign On, please provide your Culture Shift technical contact with either a URL for your SAML IdP metadata, or a metadata file. Culture Shift will be able to provide you with a SAML SP metadata file.

In order to provide Single Sign On, we will require the NameID to be set to an appropriate username for your organisation (this will be used by your admins to add users to a team), and additional claims for a display name and e-mail address to be set up. Please let us know the names of the claim attributes.

We have successfully integrated with several SSO solutions such as Azure, ADFS and Shibboleth. We use AWS Cognito as our SP implementation.

Once set up, you’ll be able to simply add users to teams using their Single Sign On username – adding an extra level of security to the product.

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