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Culture Shift exists to lead a positive change in organisational culture. Our entire team of Culture Shifters share a strong belief that everyone should have a positive experience in their place of work and study.

Our online reporting platform gives organisations the insight they need to monitor and prevent bullying and harassment in educational institutions and workplaces.

The software allows users to report any incident safely and access further support – enabling organisations to take a proactive and preventative approach to protecting their culture.

There’s a long way to go to create the level of change we want to see in the world. We’re thinking big. But every positive step we take is a step towards a better future. We have been at the forefront of campaigns to tackle harassment and bullying in organisations. Enabled vital short-term measures to be used to address patterns of negative behaviour before they could escalate. And provided rich data that has empowered leaders to implement long-term, preventative solutions to harassment and bullying.

We’re proud of these achievements. But we know there are many more people out there who need support and a way to speak out. We’re starting out on the road for change and it’s a journey we’re excited to be on.

Our Vision

A world of work and study that is safe, happy and supportive for everyone, everywhere.

Our Values


Unshakeable Belief

in possibility for 
positive change


Unstoppable Progress

through innovation
 and improvement


Unending Support

for our amazing people 
and clients.

Great Places To Work Certified Logo with the text 'It's official!' underneath and below that two illustrated people high-fiving.

In 2022 we were officially certified as a Great Place to Work! We’re extremely proud of this recognition for our exceptional workplace culture – as voted for by our team of Culture Shifters. The best part is that 100% of people that work here say it’s a fair and equitable place to be. We are committed to building a team where diversity is actively sought, welcomed and celebrated, and everyone feels like they belong, and to score 100% on our Fair Treatment questions shows that we practice what we preach. Do you want to join a Great Place To Work? Head over to our careers page.

Meet the team

Aditya Shirodkar

Junior Data Engineer

Alice Kirkup

Onboarding Executive

Andrew Taylor

Senior Developer

Anna Hughes

Frontend Developer

Ash McDowell

Financial Director

Bethan Lumb


Carl Sadd

Co-Founder - CTO

Chelsea Maher

Head of Marketing

Choon Tan

Content Marketer

Chris Northwood

Head of Development

Éilis Kinsella

Design Researcher

Emily Abbott

Chief of Staff

Gemma Donnelly

Relationship Manager

Gemma McCall

Co-Founder - CEO

Holly Clark

Content Marketer

Jermaine Thompson

New Partnerships Introducer

Kenya Peters

Content Marketer

Nazma Faiz

New Partnerships Introducer

Polly Adams

New Partnerships Introducer

Rebecca Wakefield

Project Manager

Sarah Jordan

Project Manager

Vimla Appadoo

Head of Experience

Mike Lawlor

Software Developer

Vicki Baars

Head of Culture Transformation


Culture Shift is proud to collaborate with these organisations who are also driving change.


The underlying principles of Report + Support were originally developed by the University of Manchester’s Equality Diversity & Inclusion Team, in collaboration with their Students’ Union in 2014. By combining our skills and their ground work we were able to develop the initial release of the project and in February 2017 Manchester’s Report & Support platform was launched.

Everyone at Culture Shift would also like to thank Cath Prescott and Patrick Johnson personally for their invaluable help, insight and support in bringing Report + Support to fruition.


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