A real-time reporting platform to identify and prevent harassment
and bullying

Activate lasting change in your organisation by building a culture that is safe, happy and supportive for everyone with Culture Shift.

How do you address a problem that can’t be seen?

Incidents of harassment and bullying are taking place in organisations all over the world, impacting people’s wellbeing, happiness and confidence. Culture Shift was built to lead a positive change in organisational culture by giving organisations the insight to support their people and take proactive steps to tackle negative and harmful behaviours.

Our Story

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Culture Shift is being used by an expanding range of organisations to activate positive change.

The importance of change

A positive shift in organisational culture has far-reaching benefits for you and your people.

Protect your culture and brand

Culture Shift empowers you to tackle behaviours that threaten everything you’ve built and the positive experiences you create for others.

Support wellbeing and engagement

By giving people in your organisation a voice, they’ll know their safety and happiness matters, and that speaking up makes a difference.

Exceed regulatory compliance

Culture Shift goes far beyond the expectations set out by government and industry legislation, continuously evolving to stay ahead.

Keep data safe and secure

Enterprise-level data protection ensures everything you collect is handled in the most professional, responsible and secure way possible.

Why Culture Shift

Continuous cultural improvement

We offer powerful tools and expert advice
at each of these 4 key stages

Frequently asked questions

From booking a demo to set-up to pricing, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the key things you need to know.

What does it cost?

Costs are based on the number of people in your organisation, meaning you get great value for your investment. For a bespoke quote, speak to the Culture Shift team.

Why wouldn’t we build our own system?

To be blunt, it can take a lot of time and a lot of money. That isn’t always feasible and it means a long wait to give your people a voice. Culture Shift is ready to go and built as a complete solution for organisations of any industry and size. We also use feedback from current licensees to make ongoing improvements.

How long will it take to implement?

Once you have your license, the system can be live and in use within 3-4 weeks.

How secure is the system?

Very. Privacy and confidentiality is at the core of Culture Shift. The platform offers enterprise-level data security through Amazon Web Services. It is GDPR-compliant and Cyber Essentials-certified. Plus, it's tested every year by independent security specialists.

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