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Listen out for what’s happening in your organisation and support people when they need it most

  • User tested reporting process

    Your outwards facing reporting site has been researched and tested by us, so we know it removes barriers for anyone who has experienced bullying and harassment, allowing them to open up and reach out to you.

  • Anonymous reporting option

    If you choose to offer an anonymous reporting option, you’ll be removing barriers even further for those people who just aren’t ready to attach their name to a report yet. Anonymous reporting can increase the information you receive by 100%.

  • Best practice questions

    Included in this package are our set of best practice questions, designed to help you get all of the information you need to act on reports, but without going overboard and collecting data that you don’t need.

  • Case management system

    Advanced case management allows you to monitor, track and manage individual cases. It’s an easy to use system which enables you to log case activities, outcomes, status updates, triage handling and team management.

  • Content management system

    Comprehensive content management allows you to add and edit support articles, pages and campaigns. The support section of your website is managed by you, and can be a vital first step for those who aren’t ready to report yet.

  • Enterprise-level data security

    The highest level of data security comes as standard with our platform. We help you meet your regulatory requirements under the GDPR, plus engage in frequent stringent security testing. We also give you peace of mind with a service availability time commitment of 99.999%.


Gain a deeper understanding of your culture by identifying and analysing patterns of behaviour

  • Customisable reporting site

    Ensure consistency with a reporting website that is customisable and aligned to your brand. You’re also able to make two edits to our best practice questions, to collect additional information bespoke to your organisational needs.

  • Success workshop

    Workshop for key stakeholders to ensure you have the knowledge you need to implement your new products with success. These are bespoke to you and may include strategy development, policy review, analytics training and developing a communications plan.

  • Data analytics dashboard and annual report guide

    Gain actionable insights and identify patterns of behaviour through a fully customisable dashboard. You can filter, segment and compare data to gain a deeper understanding. You can also export data and use our annual report guide for publishing.

  • Relationship manager

    When you come onboard as a Culture Shift partner we’ll introduce you to a key point of contact for your organisation. They’ll ensure successful implementation of products, delivery of services, and be on hand to answer any questions.

  • Invites to partner events

    As part of our continuous commitment to share thinking and best practice, members of the Culture Shift community are invited to our annual Knowledge Forum, and a number of other exclusive opportunities to share highlights and challenges through the year.

  • Complete support articles

    The support section of your reporting site comes complete with useful articles to guide your people through what they’ve experienced. We include topics such as definitions of unacceptable behaviour, myth busting, what happens when you report and signposting to further support.


Activate positive and lasting cultural change with more proactive measures

  • Community of best practice

    This is a space for our partners to ask questions and share good practice. The community, which is facilitated by Culture Shift, gives you the chance to learn from others, share any challenges and feed into themes for further discussion in workshops and webinars.

  • Campaign assets and strategy

    Get access to a selection of campaigns including raising awareness and active bystander. We provide you with the key messages, digital assets and implementation plan you need to promote your platform, educate your people and enhance positive change.

  • Risk assessment framework

    This risk assessment framework considers individual and organisational risk, and is designed to balance legal obligations with taking a proactive approach to support reporting and reported parties.

  • Annual analytics review

    The annual review includes detailed data analysis and trends that you can share with internal and external stakeholders. It will provide you with a series of recommendations, in our annual report template, informed by insights over the past year.

  • Prevention recommendations

    Informed by the data you collect, we can help you create targeted initiatives that prevent issues escalating or reoccurring. Our years of expertise means we can make meaningful recommendations that help you speed up the pace of change.

  • Consultancy days

    Tailored to your organisational needs, these sessions are designed to help support your broader goals and objectives. They may be used to build case-manager skills, raise stakeholder awareness and to design prevention-based initiatives.

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