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How can you help us support people who report?

Culture Shift connects people who have experienced unacceptable behaviour, with advisors and teams to offer support. Support can vary depending on your organisation’s process and can range from options about informal and formal resolution to emotional and practical support.

If this isn’t something that your organisation doesn’t currently offer, don’t worry, Culture Shift is here to help. Our products and services have been designed to enable success in tackling harassment and promoting inclusion for your organisation.

What other support can we offer through the system?

The Culture Shift platform includes standard support articles and copy. Support articles provide additional, informal support for your community for your community. It’s a way to help people who are reporting gain confidence in their reports, as well as gain clarity on the process and what they’ve experienced.

Our platform also has the power to house campaigns. Campaigns can be used to highlight specific issues and topics and are a great way to draw attention to the problems that your community is facing. Depending on your package, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re making the most out of your campaigns for maximum impact.

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