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Promote your platform and get the right message to the right people with Culture Shift campaigns.

Launching a reporting tool shows your commitment to tackling unacceptable behaviour, but for it to work, you need people to use it.

We can help you with our selection of campaigns on topics including raising awareness and being an active bystander. We provide you with the key messages, digital assets and implementation plan you need to promote your platform, educate your people and enhance positive change.

The key outcome of any campaign is to raise awareness of your Report + Support site, and encourage people to report through it when they’ve experienced or witnessed something.

With more reports, you’ll gain a better insight into your culture. You’ll also be better placed to offer support to more people who need it, and create positive, lasting change.

Key features include:

  • A ready to go campaign
  • Fully inclusive and accessible design
  • Survivor-first messaging
  • Key messages informed by nudge theory
  • Easy to follow communications calendar
  • Complete suite of white-label digital assets

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