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Anonymous reporting

Only being able to give a named report is one of the biggest barriers to reporting, which is why Culture Shift provides a confidential, anonymous reporting route. This empowers people who are experiencing unacceptable behaviour in their organisation to speak about their experiences and encourages others to do the same.

Organisations need to design clear routes for anonymous and named reports, so that reporting parties have clear expectations and understanding about what might happen next.  Depending on your partnership package, Culture Shift can help support the design of your processes and reporting routes.

Anonymous reporting enables organisations to take proactive and informal action to effectively address and prevent unacceptable behaviour within workplaces. The Culture Shift team is at hand to support you in navigating data protection, privacy and GDPR regulations when it comes to anonymous reporting. Together, we can ensure people have the tools they need to get the right support.

What can you do with anonymous reports? 

Our products help organisations gain insight about how they can proactively address poor culture. Anonymous reports and insight can be used for trend reporting, to assess challenges within an organisation and to design preventative interventions to resolve these issues and prevent further incidents.

The proactive measures organisations can take, include:

  • Regular trend analysis across departments/teams with a recommended plan of action including targeting support, or increasing training and skill development
  • Transparent reporting on insights on an annual basis
  • Environmental investigations or cultural audits where there are higher rates or reportings or concerns for a toxic environment.

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