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Actionable trends

The platform has been built with data analysis in mind. The analytics feature empowers your organisation to be able to understand the detail of what’s happening across your organisation. This data will help you take necessary preventative action, step in where things are working, and help spot patterns of unacceptable behaviour.

Our analytics dashboard has three different components:

  1. At a glance; giving you an overview of your weekly statistics
  2. In detail; where you can split your data analysis by protected characteristic information or use to help you respond to freedom of information requests
  3. Over time; where you can see a year-on-year trend analysis, broken down by the categories you select.

All of the data in our analytics system is anonymised and can only be accessed by the users with the permissions to do so, and will not include any spam reports in the analysis. Our bespoke analytics system can support internal reporting, responding to freedom of information requests, as well as providing evidence for charter marks.

Your action and word is as good as your ability to work with your data to take action, so use these actionable trends to activate lasting change.

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