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Ongoing support

How do I get technical support?

Once you’ve launched your site, you can use the Support Bee site to log a ticket to make any changes to reporting or if you have any difficulties using the site. We aim to be in touch within the hour to confirm receipt of your ticket, and within one business day to action the request.

We also have a knowledge base within our product where you can find helpful hints, tips and gain access to our Knowledge Forum – our annual event where you can network with, hear from and share practice with all of Culture Shift’s partners.

Depending on which package you have purchased, you may have a success workshop or partnership day to enhance your implementation of our product and enable meaningful change within your organisation.

How can I learn how to better use the system?

As a Culture Shift partner, you will have access to our Knowledge Base. This is home to all of our ‘How to guides’ and technical FAQs. No matter what kind of learner you are, you’ll find the right type of content to help you navigate the platform.

Training workshops are available as part of some of our partnership packages, or can be purchased as a bolt on to your package.

What if we receive malicious, misleading or false reports?

As with any reporting system or process, there may be a risk that some people use the system to make malicious, false or misleading reports. UK data and our experience with existing partners shows us that the risk of such reports are low and doesn’t impact the use of the system.

We encourage our partners to ensure that any internal policy accounts for malicious, false or misleading reports and that disciplinary action should be taken against those found to engage in false or misleading reports.

We can work with you to account for such incidents within existing risk assessment or register frameworks, dependent on your partnership package.

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