Exceeding Expectations

How Culture Shift can help you tackle harassment on campus

Action two: Use real-time data to guide effective planning and governance

Creating change takes time, resources and determination. We’re sure you have the latter in abundance, but time and resources can often cause well intentioned plans to falter or be delayed. That’s where we can step in. All of our recommended actions in the Exceeding Expectations handbook are entirely achievable. If you need a helping hand getting you along the way, we’re here to support you in a number of ways. This is how we can help you in using data to effectively guide your planning:

  • Report + SupportTM analytics platform
    Unfortunately, reporting rates for all forms of harassment are low. This can create a disconnect between what you believe to be the issues affecting your student body and the reality of student experience within your institution. We know that resources are limited and throwing time and money at a problem isn’t a luxury you have. Our online and anonymous reporting platform has shown to increase reporting rates. With our analytics platform you can identify the most prevalent issues your students are telling you about, and prioritise your strategy and budget accordingly.
  • Annual analytics review
    Looking for more support? Go for gold and our team will break down the data for you, looking at what your annual data is showing you, and offering expert recommendations on actions you can implement in the following period.
  • Prevention recommendations
    Informed by the data you collect, we can help you create targeted initiatives that prevent issues escalating or reoccurring. Our years of expertise means we can make meaningful recommendations that help you speed up the pace of change. As part of creating your Annual report, within that we would also provide a series of prevention based recommendations. This is really looking at some of the insights and patterns of behaviour and thinking about your context and what’s going to be most effective for you.
  • Success workshops
    Our success workshops ​​are purpose-built to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to implement Report + SupportTM with success. These are bespoke to you and may include strategy development, policy review, analytics training and developing a communications plan.
  • Community of Practice
    The Community of Practice is an online hub for our Gold Partners. It’s a space that enables free and open discussions around keys topics and best practice to help improve the ways we use the system and ultimately, how we offer support to the people who need it the most. Community of Practices’ are a common way of sharing knowledge between institutions, keeping up to date with best practice methodologies and a place for Culture Shift to empower our gold partners with expertise and knowledge to help them make the most of our their Culture Shift platform.

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