The freedom to speak up, with the power to choose how.

Making a report

  • Named reports
    Connecting people with vital support when they’re ready. Our platform is a conduit to a team or individual in your organisation who is trained and ready to assess reports and provide support.

  • Anonymous disclosures
    Get insight into the unseen cultures and behaviours happening in your organisation. Anonymous disclosures typically won’t lead to a formal report, but they do help to remove barriers to reporting. Find out more here.

Customise the reporting process

  • Tailor questions
    Use our best practice guidance to build a reporting process that works for you and your community. Get the information you need with tailored questions and descriptions throughout the reporting journey.

  • Customise language
    Speak to your community in a way they’ll understand to demystify the reporting process.

Free text boxes

  • Get the full story
    Give people the freedom to tell you what happened in their own words. We work with you to ensure you have the correct policies, procedures and risk assessment frameworks in place to manage this.

  • Manage the risk
    On the rare occasion that serious allegations are made anonymously, there’s still appropriate action you can take. Learn more here.

Take action on reports

  • Understand trends
    Direct people who’ve submitted a report to meaningful articles and campaign content created for your organisation.

  • Take targeted action
    Aggregated data helps you to understand trends and monitor the real issues impacting your community.

Increase reporting

  • Improve safety and trust
    The safety that anonymity gives people to speak up helps our partners to increase their total number of reports. This can be daunting, but getting a better insight into the behaviours impacting your culture means you can take preventative, not reactive action.

  • Eradicate toxic cultures
    These issues already exist across all organisations, you just might not be seeing it. Read more about the prevalence of discrimination and harassment, and why our partners are striving to see an increase in disclosures.

What about vexatious reports?

Vexatious, false, or abusive reports are really rare, and we know from research and our experience that the ability to submit anonymous reports has no influence on the rate of false reports. These reports typically highlight additional support needs for those involved, and are often managed within an organisation’s existing support and disciplinary policies.

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